Since 2003, Milestone has used Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) strategies to help us bring the highest standards of investment expertise, discipline and value to our clients.

By holding a portion of DFA investments in your portfolio, you benefit directly from the Nobel Prize-winning work of its founders, including Professor Eugene Fama, the father of the efficient market hypothesis.

Established in 1981, Dimensional is today one of the world’s largest independently owned institutional investment management firms. The company helps investors pursue “dimensions” of higher expected returns through portfolio design and trading guided by sound academic research. For example, DFA equity investments that emphasize the “size”, “price” and “profitability” dimensions include small-cap stocks and value stocks to enhance growth potential. The firm has also been recognized internationally for its work in short-term fixed-income solutions.

Like Milestone, Dimensional is dedicated to operating in the best interests of investors with a focus on keeping costs low. It accomplishes this by minimizing turnover within its funds and concentrating on favourable price executions. As well, it doesn’t spend money to advertise or maintain a sales force to sell its funds.

In Canada, Dimensional’s low-cost, no-load institutional funds are only available to individual investors through approved advisors who share its disciplined, long-term perspective and values. Milestone is proud to be among this select group. We incorporate DFA funds and strategies to complement other holdings in our client portfolios and to strengthen returns over time.

Milestone receives no compensation from Dimensional (or any other firm).

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