Working within the parameters of your investment plan, we construct a portfolio to maximize your bottom-line results.

Our decisions at this stage also reflect our assessment of the risks and rewards associated with various markets. Specifically, here are the steps we use to build your optimal portfolio:

It starts with identifying the right mix of equity and fixed-income investments to optimize returns for your personal risk profile.

We take a global approach with a strong emphasis on U.S. and international equities to ensure participation in growth opportunities worldwide.

To further increase expected rates of return, we favour selecting equities covering three dimensions: value, small-capitalization and consistent profitability.

We select high-quality blue-chip Canadian stocks that generate tax-preferred income, offer attractive and growing dividends to help to stabilize your portfolio, and provide a hedge against inflation over the long term.

A component of alternative investments (such as Real Estate Investment Trusts, REITs) is incorporated for additional diversification and added income.

We concentrate on high-quality shorter-term bonds for security and stability – primarily government-backed issues and first-rate non-cyclical bonds with maturities less than five years.

In addition, positions in global bonds, real-return bonds and preferred shares are considered for enhanced diversification.

Your portfolio strategy is then implemented using individual securities, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and institutional funds.

All portfolio equity components emphasize value and consistent profitability.

Once constructed, your portfolio will be monitored against your personal objectives and rebalanced according to a disciplined program to maintain your optimal risk/return profile through various market cycles.

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