Superior portfolio performance is essential to long-term investment success, but it can be quickly eroded by fees and other costs, including taxes.

Milestone is focused on maximizing value for our clients by minimizing portfolio management costs so you can preserve and build your wealth.

At Milestone, we minimize portfolio management costs by:

Structuring portfolios into less expensive, high-quality alternatives to traditional mutual funds

Employing low-turnover strategies, which help contain transaction costs including commissions and bid/ask spreads

Using a reputable custodian who does not charge standard custodial fees

Keeping our own management fees among the lowest in the industry.

Our management fees decline with portfolio value in a tiered fee structure (see table below). For taxable accounts, these fees are tax deductible. As part of our commitment to transparency, you will always know what you are paying in fees.

Portfolio ValueMilestone Fee
First $500,0000.98%
Next $500,0000.75%
Next $1 Million0.60%
Next $1 Million0.40%
Next $1 Million0.30%
Next $3 Million0.25%
Next $3 Million0.15%
Over $10 Million0.10%

For a more detailed fee assessment, or cost analysis of your portfolio, please contact us.

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