When you choose Milestone as your investment counsellor, you also get the Vanguard Group working for you.

The company’s founder, John Bogle, became known as the father of index funds after he created the first public index fund in 1975. Since then, Vanguard has become one of the world’s largest pure no-load fund companies as part of its goal to treat investors fairly and give them the best chance for investment success. The company understands, as we do, that while investors can’t control the markets, they can control the costs of investing.

Vanguard expanded to Canada in 2009 and now offers a consistently cost-competitive lineup of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). One reason for its low fees is that it is owned by its funds and, in turn, its investors. In contrast to traditional firms with shareholders, profits at Vanguard are returned to investors by way of lower costs. The company operates at cost, charging only what is needed to run its funds and ETFs. It also leverages its scale and worldwide resources to keep costs down.

Once an investment plan is created for each client, Milestone will incorporate Vanguard ETFs, where appropriate, to enhance diversification and manage risk at lowest cost.

Milestone receives no commissions of any kind for providing Vanguard investments to clients. We view our independent relationship as an essential factor in ensuring objectivity in the investment management process and best results for our clients.

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