Based on our extensive experience in the investment industry, and our determination to do what’s best for our clients, we’ve grown ever more certain of our key beliefs regarding portfolio management.

At Milestone, we believe that:

Portfolios must be customized. No two clients have the same financial situation, goals, time horizon, risk comfort or journey through life.

Financial markets are efficient. Share prices reflect all known information, and any attempts to pick winners on a consistent basis are futile and costly. Instead, a lower-cost, passive management investment approach that mirrors markets makes sense.

Portfolio diversification is essential. Broad exposure across all markets reduces risk, facilitates a buy-and-hold approach and stabilizes returns from year to year.

Disciplined decision-making is rewarded. Emotions and instincts have no place in investment management. Adhering to a well-conceived plan that takes account of various market scenarios leads to the best long-term results.

Fees, taxes and other costs must be minimized. Controlling these factors has a significant impact on wealth accumulation in the long term.

While our portfolio management strategies and tactics evolve over time, these are the tenets that remain constant in our business. Guided by this philosophy, we effectively manage the process of building optimal portfolios for each of our clients.

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