As an important part of our personalized portfolio management service, Milestone is accountable to clients for measuring and reporting on individual progress.

Each quarter, our clients receive a consolidated review of all registered and non-registered accounts. The report begins with a market commentary that quantifies short- and longer-term performance for major world indices and provides an outlook for the months ahead. Your customized quarterly review presents a portfolio valuation summary at a high level, as well as a detailed breakdown showing individual holdings, cost, market value, percentage of portfolio and annualized income. Also included are a listing and details of transactions undertaken during the reporting period.

At the end of each year, our clients receive a more robust report that calculates your personal rate of return for various periods of time, along with portfolio return since inception of your portfolio with Milestone.

Using sophisticated software, we report portfolio returns relative to large-cap indices to help clients assess performance. In addition to quantifying results, we will assess performance on factors, such as risk, to present a fair and more relevant assessment, based on the parameters of your investment plan. In our experience, this is where the value of our service is clearly evident.

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